Fantasy / SciFi Movie Newsticker (Sammelthread)

  • Hatten wir eigentlich schon einen Hinweis auf den hier?

    Where The Wild Things Are

    Das ist die Verfilmung von Maurice Sendaks Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen, die nach allerlei Problemen jetzt doch irgendwann fertig zu werden und in die Kinos zu kommen scheint ...

    She struggled ever closer, her breath sleeting out in crackling plumes that sank down in sparkling ice crystals. It reminded her of her youth, the nights out on the tundra, when the first snows came, when clouds shivered and shed their diamond skins and the world grew so still, so breathless and perfect, that she felt that time itself was but moments from freezing solid – to hold her for ever in that place, hold her youth, hold tight her dreams and ambitions, her memories of the faces she loved – her mother, her father, her kin, her lovers. No one would grow old, no one would die and fall away from the path, and the path itself, why, it would never end.

  • Indem man den Anfang und das Ende "ausbaut" und Max halt ein paar Abenteuer mehr mit den wilden Kerlen erleben lässt ...? :nixweiss:

    Immerhin hat Spike Jonze ja auch "Being John Malkovich" gedreht - und dem Film mangelt es nun gewiss nicht an Einfällen ...

    She struggled ever closer, her breath sleeting out in crackling plumes that sank down in sparkling ice crystals. It reminded her of her youth, the nights out on the tundra, when the first snows came, when clouds shivered and shed their diamond skins and the world grew so still, so breathless and perfect, that she felt that time itself was but moments from freezing solid – to hold her for ever in that place, hold her youth, hold tight her dreams and ambitions, her memories of the faces she loved – her mother, her father, her kin, her lovers. No one would grow old, no one would die and fall away from the path, and the path itself, why, it would never end.

  • Das ist aus einem Spiel, American McGee's Alice.
    Eine düster-morbide Version der Geschichte, in dem die selbstmordgefährdete ältere Alice aus einem Sanatorium in ein reichlich deformiertes Wunderland "flüchtet". Mir hat das damals sehr gefallen, tolles Artwork und tolle Szenen - das mußte man schon deswegen durchspielen, damit man alles zu sehen kriegt...;) Das zweite Bild mit der Schnecke ist allerdings Konzeptarbeit für eine (aktuelle) Fortsetzung.

  • Aaaaah! Das Spiel hat Schneewittchen mir vor Jahren mal auf seinem Rechner gezeigt, aber es lief zu schnell, weil der Rechner ein Übermonster war. Na da werde ich die Fortsetzung mal im Auge behalten. Das sieht nämlich richtig gut aus. :)

  • Nein, nein, nein, nein, nein,....


    Spielberg To Remake “Harvey”

  • Hallo!

    Der zweite Trailer von den Wilden Kerlen ist da: Klinke

    Und einen kurzen Einblick, wie man aus dem nicht sehr langen Buch einen nicht sehr kurzen Film macht, gewährt (Exclusive Featurette).

    Insgesamt sieht das recht vielversprechend aus.

    Und The Lovely Bones unter Regie von Peter Jackson schaut auch interessant aus. Die in-between-Szenen (die Musik!), und die gelbe Hose zur blauen Jacke: sehr schön. Nur der Mörder sieht ein kleines bisschen zu stereotyp aus – bis jetzt. Aber das werde ich mir wohl auch mal genauer ansehen.

    Grüße, gekko

  • Brand New “Pandorum” Image And International Poster

    In “Pandorum,” Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, Cam Gigandet, Cung Le, Antje Traue and director Christian Alvart tell the terrifying story of two crew members stranded on a spacecraft who quickly – and horrifically – realize they are not alone.

    Two astronauts awaken in a hyper-sleep chamber aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft. It’s pitch black, they are disoriented, and the only sound is a low rumble and creak from the belly of the ship. They can’t remember anything: Who are they? What is their mission?

    With Lt. Payton (Quaid) staying behind to guide him via radio transmitter, Cpl. Bower (Foster) ventures deep into the ship and begins to uncover a terrifying reality. Slowly the spacecraft’s shocking, deadly secrets are revealed…and the astronauts find their own survival is more important than they could ever have imagined.

    “9″ Talismans And First TV Spots

    Before you see the first TV Spots for Shane Acker’s animated sci-fi adventure “9” written by Acker and Pamela Pettler and produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov, find out what we have for the biggest “9″ movie fans – you can create your “9″ Talisman! And don’t forget to try to win “9″ Movie Giveaway

    The Wolfman Trailer

    Brand New Solomon Kane Poster

    ere’s brand new poster for the upcoming film “Solomon Kane” based on a story by Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian) in 1928.

    Synopsis: A 17th century Puritan, Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) is a somber-looking man who wanders the world with no apparent goal other than to vanquish evil in all its forms. His adventures, published mostly in the pulp magazine Weird Tales, often take him from Europe to the jungles of Africa and back.

    Deathwatch’s Michael J. Bassett directs from his own script, with Max von Sydow, Pete Postlethwaite, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Alice Krige and Mackenzie Crook co-starring.

    “Solomon Kane” will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

    The Fourth Kind Trailer and Pics

    Synopsis: In 1972, a scale of measurement was established for alien encounters. When a UFO is sighted, it is called an encounter of the first kind. When evidence is collected, it is known as an encounter of the second kind. When contact is made with extraterrestrials, it is the third kind. The next level, abduction, is the fourth kind. This encounter has been the most difficult to document…until now.

    Structured unlike any film before it, The Fourth Kind is a provocative thriller set in modern-day Nome, Alaska, where—mysteriously since the 1960s—a disproportionate number of the population has been reported missing every year. Despite multiple FBI investigations of the region, the truth has never been discovered.

    Here in this remote region, psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich) began videotaping sessions with traumatized patients and unwittingly discovered some of the most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented.

    Death Race Prequel in the Works

    I, Frankenstein Concept Art

    Thanks to IESB, ShockTillYouDrop, AICN and Bloody-Disgusting we have four concept art from “I, Frankenstein“, feature film directed by Patrick Tatopoulos (Rise of the Lycans) and based on the Darkstorm comic by “Underworld” creator, Kevin Grevioux.

    The comic book is a modernization of the Frankenstein mythos with the monster encountering other famous movie monsters including the Invisible Man, Dracula and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, in violent ways

    Red Band “Legion” Trailer

    After a terrifying biblical apocalypse descends upon the world, the Archangel Michael is the only one standing between mankind and an apocalypse, after God loses faith in humanity. Michael, along with some humans in a diner in the middle of nowhere, has to protect the messiah growing inside one of the diner’s waitress.

    Leonardo DiCaprio And Ridley Scott Team For “Brave New World” Adaptation

    Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio will team up for an adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s 1931 novel “Brave New World.”

    The novel has had numerous TV adaptations, but this will be its first outing on the big screen. Scott will direct from the script by Farhad Safinia (”Apocalypto”).

    DiCaprio will play the main character in the story, Bernard.

    The book takes place in the seemingly perfect 26th century world that has achieved harmony by tightly controlling birth, which takes place mainly in laboratories, and outlawing family. The society is split into five clearly-defined castes which determine height, intelligence and prospects.

    Bernard is a member of a lower-caste and he is in love with Lenina. Things get complicated when “the leaders of the society find his behavior antisocial.”

    DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way owns Huxley’s book. Scott and DiCaprio will also work as producers on the movie.

    Production is expected to begin when Scott finishes work on “Robin Hood” and DiCaprio ends filming on sci-fi action “Inception.”

  • Ian McKellen Gives Report On Hobbit Casting and Other Progress

    Ian McKellen was present in person to intro the screenings, and while he only spoke for a very short time, he managed to get the crowd into something of a frenzy. Not only did he confirm that he’ll be coming back as Gandalf, and is expecting to start work on set in March of next year, he also dropped a bit of a casting bombshell. According to McKellen, the starring role of Bilbo Baggins has been successfully cast already. Not only that, but he knows who has the role and he’s sure that the fans will be very, very pleased. Immediately the crowd started murmuring about James McAvoy, which suggests to me that they haven’t been keeping up on their Slashfilm. Over just the last few days we’ve revealed that he’s signed on for I’m With Cancer and is negotiating for a role in Robert Redford’s Lincoln drama The Conspirator. This isn’t a man with a big Hobbity hole in his calendar, it would seem.

    Third X-Files Film Planned, Rumors Of A Reboot

    Catherine Hardwicke To Direct Gothic Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

    Not much is known about the new take, other than it will be loosely based on the famous fairy tale, is being described as a werewolf movie, and has a teenage love triangle at its center. Hardwicke is a perfect choice for this project as her filmmaking career thus far has been filled with teenage stories with female leads. She broke onto the directing scene with the Sundance indie Thirteen (starring Evan Rachel Wood), and has since directed The Nativity Story (starring Keisha Castle-Hughes as Mary) and, of course, Twilight (starring Kristen Stewart). She also directed the 2005 film Lords of Dogtown.

    Shoot Em Up Director Michael Davis To Remake Outland

    Warner Bros has hired Shoot Em Up director Michael Davis to direct a remake of the 1981 Sean Connery sci-fi action thriller Outland.
    For what it’s worth, Shoot Em Up was a very underrated movie, which due to poor marketing, did very badly at the box office. But if you love over-the-top action like Crank, I highly recommend it.
    Davis has a bunch of films on his imdb page, which frankly aren’t worth listing. And yes, he is credited with writing the really horrible 1994 film adaptation of the video game Double Dragon.

    Rumor: Peter Jackson To Direct New Middle Earth Film, Linking The Hobbit To Rings?

    Editor’s Note: I want to stress that for now, all of this, is only a rumor. I’d love to see it happen, but I doubt it’s actually true.
    The scattershot news blast of 3D-crazy blog Marketsaw today brings us some rip-roaring Hobbit gossip, and I can’t help but dream it’s all true, every last word of it (except for the bit I don’t quite ‘get’, but more on that later). First of all, in a nutshell: Peter Jackson wants Guillermo del Toro’s two Hobbit films in 3D, he’s planning a third ‘bridge’ film that he’ll direct himself, Smaug is going to be a blend of CG and practical work and has been described as being “darker” than in the book. Now, in detail…

    Peter Jackson Talks Tintin 2; Script is Still a Year Away

    Neil Gaiman Continues His Warm Up For Feature Directing With Another Short Film

    ourtesy of his wonderful blog, as readable as it is popular and probably the most popular individual’s blog in the world, Neil Gaiman is currently in London in pre-production of a silent short film for British TV. This will be his second outing as director after the wonderful A Short Film About John Bolton, a documentary (ahem) about the famed comic artist and his uncommonly powerful paintings of vampires. That one had talking - lots of talking.

    For some time now, Gaiman has been set to make his feature film directing debut with Death and Me, adapted from his Death: The High Cost of Living comics. Whether or not this project is still coming or has been stopped in its tracks is not entirely clear but those of you who read my script review will know just how keenly I’d like to see it come to fruition. Before that, if I remember correctly, he almost collaborated with the Weinsteins on a story about the true authorship of Shakespeare’s plays but that one seems pretty much entirely forgotten now.

    Neill Blomkamp Wants Sharlto Copley To Return For District 9 Sequel

    Editor’s Note: Director Neill Blomkamp also told EW, “I would do anything to go back to the world of District 9 again. Or District 10.”

    Promoting District 9 last week, Neill Blomkamp gave an interview to Fangoria Radio and the key quotes are now up on the main Fangoria site. Besides doing their duties as gorehounds and asking the director if he’d like to make a straight-up horror film (he said he would!) they also discussed the inevitable: a sequel to his surprise-success alien apartheid satire.

    James Vanderbilt To Write Spider-Man 5 and 6

    Last month Sam Raimi hired Gary Ross to rewrite Rabbit Hole playwright David Lindsay-Abaire’s draft of Spider-Man 4, original draft penned by James Vanderbilt. Tonight it has been revealed that Sony has hired another screenwriter to take on the webbed Marvel superhero. But not for the fourth film… Sony has hired Vanderbilt to pen the next two films in the Spider-Man franchise, Spider-Man 5 and Spider-Man 6.

    According to Variety, Sony Pictures Entertainment liked Vanderbilt’s ideas so much, that they’ve brought him back for two more films, which will feature an interconnected storyline. When James was hired to write the screenplay for the fourth film, the initial plan was to create a fifth story that could also be shot back-to-back. But the idea was scrapped after it became too much of an ordeal to get the entire original cast and creative team to return.

    Robert Downey Jr. Is In Talks To Be The Next Vampire Lestat

    After Neil Jordan’s intense and vivid Interview With the Vampire and Michael Rymer’s deathly dull Queen of the Damned, and in step with the current Twilight-fuelled vampmania, it looks that Universal is looking to reboot the cinematic incarnation of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles. The first book in the series was Interview, and I’d imagine a purist-pleasing reboot would start there, though I don’t really expect that to be the case here. Even though Interview and Queen were Warner Bros. films, they’re still fresh in the memory and frequent enough on cable that they’re also far from being forgotten. I don’t think Universal will try something so daft as fully rebooting a series that’s still alive in the mind of the public.

    Bryan Singer To Reboot Battlestar Galactica?

    Update by Editor Peter Sciretta: Entertainment Weekly has confirmed this report with Universal Pictures — Bryan Singer is signed on to direct a feature film version of Battlestar Galactica, which isn’t expected to be a continuation of the most recent Ron Moore Sci-Fi channel television show, but instead a complete re-imagining of the original 1970’s series. Original report follows below.

    Bryan Singer developing epic-fantasy Remake of EXCALIBUR


    Singer is still only in talks but if deals are made, Singer would produce with former Warner exec Polly Cohen Johnsen, and “super hit” maker Julie Yorn(MayPayne/Bride Wars).

    Alex Garcia, an executive at Legendary and Singer’s former partner at Bad Hat, was instrumental in bringing in Singer. If Legendary Pictures comes aboard, Garcia would oversee.

    The original movie starred Nigel Terry as Arthur and Cherie Lunghi as Guenevere and featured early performances from Liam Neeson, Patrick Stewart and Gabriel Byrne. The movie told the well-known myth, in a gritty and dramatic fashion, of the young man who draws the sword Excalibur from a stone, is mentored by Merlin, establishes Camelot, loses his wife, Guenevere, to his best friend, Lancelot, and engages in the quest for the Holy Grail.

    Singer’s Excalibur will be a more epic and fantasy filled version of King Arthur’s adventures, as opposed to Disney’s more earthy 2004 King Arthur which starred Clive Owen.

  • Wohl eher nicht; siehe…-wild-hobbit-rumor-front/ und…ng-on-third-bridge-movie/.

    Grüße, gekko

  • Also DAS kann ich mir bei den momentanen Rechtsstreitigkeiten nun wirklich nicht vorstellen.
    Dafür wird das Tolkien Estate nie das OK geben.

  • Bitte, bitte nicht!!!!

    Es ist schon eine Kunst, einen Superman-Film dermaßen zu verhunzen, lasst den jetzt nicht auch noch an so ein Meisterwerk ran!1111oneoneoneeleven